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im Coit Tower

Rundumsicht vom Coit Tower

ehem. Feuer Wachturm

vom Boot aus

nach Westen

nach Süd-Westen

nach Norden




































Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco, California / Van Ness



Hard Rock Cafe SF California / Van Ness

Mark Kendall "Train Station" Great-White 



Crossroads in Yucaipa



Jill Knight

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco
California Street / Van Ness

Audie Desbrow (Great-White) Tony Montana Band

Todd "Train Station" 
new CD "Train Station


Hey Jimmy....
Market-Street SF

Saxophon Man with Dogie
Fisherman's Wharf


Tony Montana ex Great-White 

new CD "Tombstone Shuffle"

Tony - Crossroads Concert
Bar 32464 Dunlap Blvd. 
Yucaipa CA 92399

Telegraph-Street Berkley

Fisherman's Wharf SF

Market-Street SF

Older Hippie Telegraph-Street Berkley


 Swiss Chocolate Gifts - Pier 39 SF


Amoeba Music
1855 Haight Street
SF, CA 94117 


Harley Davidson - Sausalito


Harley's Highway No. 1

Homeless with Dogie Pier 39 SF

Sleeping Chinese Man at work in his store Tiburon

"Need Cash 4 Weed" Pier 39 SF

Telegraph-Street Berkley

Old man with his dog and bike Sausalito

On the Ferry Blue & Gold Fleet 


House Tiburon Tommies

Santa Cruz -

Sausalito - 


Santa Cruz Pier

Santa Cruz Pier

Street to the Wharf Tiburon


Harley Davidson on Fisherman's Wharf

Transamerica Pyramide


Sailing in front of Fort Mason

Windjammer - Harbor of SF

Old Jail Alcatraz - "The Rock" - Island

Old Jail Alcatraz - "The Rock" - Island

New Jail "Alcatraz" in Larkspur
Alcatraz = spanish name of Pelican

Ghirardelli Square - SF
before chocolate fabrication
since 1962 shopping centers


Metal Man San Francisco

Peace Sign SF

Lots of Music-Stores

Coit-Tower SF - view to North

Coit-Tower SF - view to South West

Italian Restaurant Columbus Street

Vegetarian Restaurant Fort Mason 


Store for cats and dogs only Sausalito

up to the sky.... SF

Coit-Tower SF - view to West

SF - view from sea

SF Museum of Modern Art 
151 Third Street, San Francisco
CA 94103  (build by Mario Botta)


Columbus Street SF

Slogans at the murals Haight Street SF

Cable Car SF

Turn the Cable Car by Hands

China Town - S


China Town Portal - SF

Wild California Poppy

Flowers "Sea Otter Inn"

Restroom Door inside


What a Choice!

Dessert of "Gummibären" and Amaretti

Point Lobos S

Muir Woods - Redwood - Sequoia with Tower Tours 

Muir Woods - Redwood Sequoia
 850 years old and 4 years old Giant Sequoia

Devon - Ex Haight Hippie


Squirrel Muir Woods

One of the towers of Golden Gate

During the construction

Golden Gate Bridge, built by Richard Strauss, 05.01.1933 - 27.05.1937 - 35,5 Mio. $


Total length of bridge

2'737 m

Length  suspended structure

1'966 m

Length of main span

1'240 m

Width of bridge

27.4 m

Heigth over water

67 m

Heigth of towers

227 m

Length of one cable

2'330 m

Diameter of main cables

0.92 m

No. of wires in each cable


No. of strands in each cable



under the bridge

hanging cable

Big Sur - Highway No. 1

Pacific Coast - Big Sur - Highway 1


Icebear Zoo SF

Tiger Shark Sea-Aquarium Monterey

Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)


Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)


Pacific Coast San Francisco

Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)




... on Anke's leg

Squirrel (Erdhörnchen) HWY No. 1

Sea-Otter "Kroky"
Sea-Aquarium Monterey
886 Cannery Row Monterey
CA 93940-1085


Sea-Lions Moro-Bay (Hwy No 1) 


Sea-Lions Pier 39 San Francisco






Ghost-Trees Pebble-Beach Monterey
(pic by Anke)


 Anke Rory Rita

 On the way to Larkspur


Rory and Rita

 With Peter Rory at "Greens" a vegetarian restaurant

Rory, everytime laugthing


2 months May and June 2001

The best holidays in my life.